Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally Moved

Whew! I haven't been able to post for awhile, been kind of busy!Before we could move we had to dig the Retirement Home out of the snow in LaSal. This included shoveling ice and snow off the
roof so we could put the slides in.
The TV antenna was also frozen in place. Then there was the ice underneath from the flood of a few weeks ago. Two bags of ice melt and a couple warm days helped us out.
Friday the 15th we were up early and took a quick drive to check the road conditions . There was some snow and ice but the county road trucks were out sanding and we determined it would be safe to move the Retirement Home, the trailer, and both pick up trucks down to Paradox. The owners of the place we were buying were nowhere near being packed and out, they had both been set back by the flu. We all drove to Montrose (2 hours away) to sign closing papers. Then back to Paradox where we spent one last night in the Retirement Home.
The next morning we were again up early and on our way to Nucla to rent another Uhaul andload our stuff out of the storage shed. Our crew worked really hard!
We were loaded and then unloaded in the new place by early afternoon despite all the MUD!

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