Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Old House

We were off to a pretty good start on fixing the fixer upper. Al started the daunting job of rewiring, there were only a few plug ins in the whole house and all the overhead lights turned on with pull cords. He started in the living room and somehow managed to break the pry bar......HUH?!!!
We were really making progress on the house until the new garage showed up on the back of a truck. We had purchased it the previous week when we had gone to Montrose to get our driver's licenses. Unfortunately the computers for the state were down so we spent the day killing time (maybe the computer thing would get fixed) and spending $money$.
After the garage was in place there was a shift in priorities. Now we had to concentrate on getting the garage wired, insulated, drywalled and painted. The house would have to wait. One of the many reasons for getting the garage finished first was that we couldn't find any of the tools, paintbrushes, nails and other parts and pieces that we needed to work on the house. They were still in boxes crammed into the storage shed along with 1 1/2 tons of pellets for the pellet stoves. Another reason was that Al needed to do some last minute work on the 65 Ranchero before we take it to the car show in Moab.I'm really looking forward to the car show, this will be the first one for us. On Friday April 25th there is a rod run up the Colorado River hiway to a big resort for lunch. Then Saturday is another run to Dead Horse Point.

The garage is finished and we have started sorting the stuff in the storage shed and getting everything organized and put where it belongs. We'll get back to the house soon ;)

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