Sunday, April 6, 2008

ATV Ride To The Cashin Mine

Yesterday we loaded up the ATVs for a day of exploring. There is a road partway up LaSal Creek canyon that has always intrigued me. Al had been on it many years ago as part of mine rescue training but was willing to go again.

The day was overcast and not very warm, maybe 50 deg but not too bad as long as we kept our speed down. Not a problem as I was busy looking at pretty LaSal Creek and the cliffs on either side. There were arches, waterfalls, hoodoos and just generally neat stuff. The road would have been OK for the Toyota but I am always more comfortable on my ATV, you never know when you will come to a wash out, rockslide, or tree across the road.
The Cashin Mine was about 4 miles at the end of the road. It was a copper mine, started in 1896 and shut down in 1946.

Some of the copper bearing rock

After exploring the area we retraced our path back towards where we started and took a side "road" that went up the north cliff and paralleled the creek from on top. If we had tried this one in the Toyota I would have done lots of cringing when the skid plates and front and rear bumpers scraped the slick rock! I LOVE MY ATV!

This scene was about half way. The far peaks are the LaSal
mountains and down below you can see the road that leads
to the mine where we had just been.

Eventually we came to the end of the road and were at a point overlooking the Cashin Mine

The weather never got any better and luckily it never got worse either. It turned out to be a very enjoyable day and we brought home a bunch of pretty rocks!

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view:)


DUTCH van Atlanta said...
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DUTCH van Atlanta said...

Neat place. It's too bad they plan to reopen it as a large open pit mine with a newly constructed haul road to the Lisbon Valley Mine. There goes the neighborhood and the scenery.

See here:


smcmanus said...

I actually was born and raised in the valley that is just below this mine called Paradox Valley. The mine was actually discovered by my great great grandfather Thomas Septimus Swain. He had lost money mining in the past, so he kept the mine a secret and opened a mining store in Paradox Valley. After he stocked all the inventory he needed for his store, he then told everybody about the mine and that is how it came to be. He was very successful with his store and the building still stands in the Paradox Valley on what used to be part of the Swain Ranch.
I spent so many countless hours at this mine as a child and have wonderful memories of this beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed looking at your Seneca and all the changes you've made. DH and I will be buying one next year so I've been researching them. How has it held up - the engine and suspension, how do you like it? Gas or Diesel? Renee G.