Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trimming Trees

Easter weekend Al and I had bribed and coerced Howard to come over and prove what he had been bragging about.......supposedly he was a tree trimmer back in Indiana before he moved here. We promised plenty of help and a cookout.
There is an ancient humungous tree in front of our house whose branches were hanging over most of the roof. In a couple weeks we will be entering "windy" time when the wind shrieks and howls down the valley. The last thing we need is a tree branch coming through the roof!

It took several hours but Howard got the tree cut back to manageable proportions.

Then a little trimming on the Black Walnut that was hanging over the back of the house. I have a suspicion that I am going to hate this tree when it drops nuts all over the yard!

Then it was time for burgers, brats, baked beans and potato salad, YUM! Howard and his wife Julie have a 4 year old daughter so I hid some Easter eggs for her. Turns out the poor kid has never had Christmas or a birthday party and had no idea what the Easter Bunny was! Can you imagine??? She had so much fun finding the colored eggs that she re-hid and hunted them several times then cried when one of them broke.

Easter Sunday Al and I had promised ourselves a day off so we packed some snacks and drinks in the ATVs and took off from the house for Carpenter Ridge. Unfortunately we were a few weeks too early. We got to the top of the ridge but then the snow and mud turned out to be too much and we had to come back down. This road ends just around the bend.Kids, your father may have taught you how to hunt, fish, go camping, drink beer and lots of other things important to life but I have to tell you.......I THINK HE IS ILLITERATE!!!! This pic is from last weekend when he decided to prune the fruit trees. I know darn well that step ladder has a warning sticker that says "Do Not Stand On Or Above This Step"

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