Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moab Classic Car Show

Al worked on his '65 Ford Falcon Ranchero for about 15 years. He did 95% of the work himself including the paint job, pretty impressive when you look at the other entries with their long lists of shops that had a hand in restoration of their vehicles. Finally it was good enough to enter in our first classic car show. I was finishing up packing for the weekend while he went out to load his baby on the trailer. Pretty soon I looked out the window to see what is taking so comes Al headed for the house with the most woebegone look, shaking his head and the Ranchero is sitting 1/2 in the garage....HUH? Seems she pitched a fit when he tried to load her on the hauler and kicked a ramp out causing her to fall off the trailer. OH NO!!!! I went out to look at what Al was describing as a major wreck.....and he accuses ME of exaggerating! True, she has a pretty deep gouge and dent in her door but I deemed it not bad enough to cancel our first show........"Don't be silly!" I told him, "I'll fix it!"

A few bandaids and some graphics applied with a Sharpie got lots of looks and comments from the crowd!

Friday morning everyone lined up for a run up Scenic Hiway 128 which follows the Colorado River between towering red cliffs on either side. After turning around in Castle Valley we stopped to allow the photographers a chance to get ahead of us again.

Miles of classic cars ahead and behind us. Those are the LaSal mountains in the distance.

On the way back we stopped at Red Cliffs Lodge for a great lunch. Then we toured the Movie Museum on the grounds there. It has posters, history, pictures and stories of all the movies that have been filmed in the area.....lots and lots of movies as it turns out. "Thelma and Louise", "City Slickers", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", and most of John Wayne's movies just to name a few. Al tried to steer me away from the winery but I found it anyway and bought one bottle of red and one of white wine. Maybe I'll save them for when my sisters come to visit again, maybe not.

Friday night we joined the line of cars "cruising Main" at 5mph. Crowds were lined up all along the way with their lawn chairs cheering for their favorite cars and encouraging them to do burn outs, even going so far as to wet down the pavement to make the burn outs more impressive. After our first pass we were starting to overheat so we pulled to the turning lane to make a left hand turn. Uh oh......what are those flashing lights? That cop can't be after us....can he????Yup. He said we didn't signal for a turn and proceeded to check all our tail lights. Real nice guy, I think he just wanted to check out our ride!

Saturday the cars were on display in Moab's town park. There was such a huge turnout this year that there wasn't room for all of them, they were parked on the side streets and in a school parking lot across the street. I was sort of surprised that there weren't more vendors, I didn't even buy Tshirt! But there was a DJ who played "oldies" all day, kind of appropriate.

This entry really caught my eye, the motor home is built on 1951 truck!

Saturday night we made one pass down Main and once again overheated so had to put her to bed. I was really disappointed, cruising is most of the fun of the Moab show.

Sunday after a Continental breakfast in the park we once again lined up for a run, this time out to Deadhorse Point. Heading up the hiway the side mirror on the driver's side of the Ranchero parted company with the bracket and smashed on the road in front of the car behind about "OMG!" Thank heavens it didn't hit it, that car was a 30's or 40's something that had a paint job that was worth more than the Ranchero! we didn't go all the way to Deadhorse since we had just been there a month or so ago, instead we went out to Grand View Point where I hadn't been. Another beautiful part of Canyonlands National Park.

Rather than try to load the Ranchero again, Al just drove it home. She seems to be doing real well except for the transmission slipping occasionally and the overheating. Both easily fixed along with her "ouchy". We are both anxious to go to another show, it was really lots of fun!

Just in case you didn't can click on the pictures to enlarge them :)

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