Friday, December 21, 2007

Age Has Its Privileges

When you reach 50 you can join AARP, a very worthwhile organization. Then around 55 you are eligible for senior discounts on certain days at local stores. The problem here is that by this time you are getting forgetful and can't remember which day is Ross and which is Alco.

When you are 60 you can join the activities at the local Senior Center. A couple years ago I was looking forward to this event so much that when my 58th birthday rolled around I had myself convinced that I was 59! Only one more year and I could go to the center for lunch and good times with all the rest of the old folks! Al, who is 4 weeks younger than I am, burst my bubble by wanting to know how I could be 59 when he was only 58. Oh duh!!!

So I finally turned 60 for real a couple weeks ago. The seniors here in La Sal meet every other Thursday for lunch and socializing. Yesterday we had our Christmas dinner, would you look at all those deserts?No one went hungry and we even got presents! We each got a fleece blanket, kind of appropriate considering how cold it is today. Of course you realize that all these people are way older than I am! heehee....

Later in the afternoon the two little kids from across the street knocked on the door and gave us a Christmas basket filled with tangelos, homemade fudge, candy and puppy chow. I love this stuff! Good thing that I made arrangements with a couple other gals yesterday to get together at the school gym to walk a couple times a week. Walking outside here in the winter is not a fun thing !

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