Saturday, December 15, 2007

You Know It's Cold When......

You know it is cold when the new sooper dooper atomic clock/weather station that always predicts rainstorms says it is 2 deg BELOW zero!
The pork roast you got out of the freezer yesterday is still frozen solid today

You can make a slushie from the stuff that comes out of your water faucet

Your dog's newest favorite place to sleep is curled around the oil heater. BTW it is turned on high!

One of the things we have done to keep the heat in is to make inserts for all the windows. A couple years ago I made Warm Window coverings for all the windows in our NM house. I had enough of the insulating material left over to make inserts for all the windows in the RV. They are hung on tension rods between the window and day/night shades.
At night or even snowy days the day/night shades are pulled down over them to provide extra insulation and hold them tighter.On sunny days they are folded up under the valances. Can you say "stuffed"?They make a BIG difference. Someday we will be able to spend our winters where these aren't needed.


Sandra said...

Hi Al & Kris, got your blog address from the rv-dreams forum. Looks like you're planning to be a daily blogger too! I enjoy your writing. Keep it up!


Kris and Al Sagrillo said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for checking out my ramblings! I've added your blog to my list also.
Where was your profile photo taken? Looks like around here in Utah! Will try to read your whole blog later today.