Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cell Phones and Internet

How did we ever live before cell phones and internet? On several previous RV trips I went into severe computer withdrawal that could only be alleviated by trips to local libraries to check email. When contemplating fulltime RV living I stressed out just thinking about the available options like DataStorm, especially the $$$$. And how was I ever going to convince Al that this was something we needed?? Then along came aircards...YES! As long as you can get a signal you can go online and most of the time it is faster than the dial up I had at home. We have always used Alltel for our cell phone service, it works better than anything else out here in the wild west followed closely by Verizon. So it was a no-brainer to go with their aircard. And the best part was that it didn't cost thousands of dollars!!

Of course no signals can go through mountains or reach into canyons so sometimes we have to get creative.
This is Al and his sister, Sherryl, at the "phone booth" high above Paradox Valley in western Colorado. You had to stand was a loooonnnngggg way down!

This was one of the places where my laptop worked. It was a 4 mile drive up a narrow winding road from where we were boondocked in order to get a signal. It is a great mystery to me that places where I get a good cell phone signal the laptop sometimes doesn't work and vice-versa. Thank heavens they both work where we are now and I don't have to leave the warmth of the RV!

Thanks to the aircard I am able to do all our banking online, send and receive emails, surf the net to keep up with what George and Tioga and all the other blogs I follow are up to. And most important...I can SHOP ONLINE! Like last night when our Mr Buddy heater finally died. We figure he has been with us for at least 4 years and had seen a lot of use so it was probably time. I immediately logged into eBay and new one is on the way.

Replacing Mr Buddy heater is a must as it was 5 deg. this morning. At least the sun is shining today so it feels warmer. I'm thankful not to be in the places where ice took out all the power, I lived in Iowa long enough that it takes no imagination to know what they are eduring.


Gummy said...

Hi Kris and Al, Just wanted to say hi to two fellow boomers. I will be keeping up with your blog to see how you guy's progress with your rv lifestyle. Good Luck and Stay Warm. Gummy

Kris and Al Sagrillo said...

Thanks Gummy! I have checked out your blog also! We have similar propane experiences!