Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Tour Guide, Winter Style

Yesterday there were only 4 adventurous souls so we loaded snacks, GPSs, binoculars, dogs, and anything else we thought we might need into Phil's Tundra. Our original destination was Deadhorse Point with some geocaching along the way. Unfortuately we didn't prepare for treasure hunting very well, the locations were programmed into our Garmins but not the descriptions or even names. Using the "Go To Nearest" feature is useless in Canyon Country unless you are a bird.

We made it out to Deadhorse Point ooohing and aawing at the spectacular scenery. Not much adventure there...Hwy 313 is paved and the snow was bladed off. Once again we had a world famous destination all to ourselves. We spent some time in the interpretive center learning about rock formations and other interesting stuff. Then out to the Point.

We stopped at the Center again on our way back because Phil's GPS was showing a geocache there. For once I was the one to find it! In celebration of their 50th year the Utah State Park system placed geocaches at all their parks with trackable geocoins. Of course the coins were all gone but it was filled with all sorts of state park freebies.

We headed back on that nice, safe, paved road. Have I mentioned that I am not a big fan of offroading? We used to have an old Jeep that Al rebuilt but we sold it because he got tired of listening to me scream "LET ME OUT!". I am 90% more comfortable on my ATV. So what does Phil do? Turns onto a gravel road the soon narrowed and started going down. Way down. Now I have lots of confidence in Phil's 4WD ability. After all, he was taught by the best...his Uncle Al and Grandpa Art. But things got beyond my "no fear" level very quickly
There is reason this part of Long Canyon is called "Pucker Point"!
We made it the rest of the way with no big mishaps and stopped ti look at dinosaur tracks and Indian writings before making it back to Moab.

Hope everyone has a great Chirstmas Day!!!


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