Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wasting Time

Yesterday I wasted 5 plus hours of my life that I will never recover, trying to figure out this game. It is called Funny Farm and let me tell you, that is where I almost ended was driving me crazy! Being new to this type of word game, I didn't realize that using Google, Wikipedia, etc. was considered cheating but I learned more about some topics than I will ever need to know. I wasn't doing too bad, had gained access to six squares but I was really stuck and frustrated. So. I really cheated....gasp! I Googled the game name and went to a couple gamers boards where some helpful soul had posted a semi-complete puzzle. Let me tell you, I am very glad I did, it saved me many hours of tearing my hair out and wasted time. The author of the game has a very weird word association that I suspect most of the population could never follow. Most of the answers were things or people I had never even heard of. Sometimes cheating can be a good thing. I'll just go back to Spider and some mindless free games on, popping balloon can be a great stress reliever...heehee....

It appears from the comments being added here that some of us should form a Mutual Admiration Society. It seems we read and enjoy each others blogs and we have many things in common. I'm talking about Froggi Donna, Lucy, CJ, Sandra, and I am sure there are others out there yet to be discovered. Someday down the road I hope we can all meet face to face!

It appears that today will be the last time we get above freezing for an unforeseeable future so I need to keep working at getting the darn black and gray tanks thawed and completely dumped. Made more progress yesterday (when I wasn't wasting time on that silly game) and I believe it now may just bee a case of gunk on the tank sensors but I'm not taking chances! In the process of running hot water down the bathroom sink I discovered a water leak. We aren't sure exactly where it was coming from but Al said the hot water line fittings were loose. He tightened them, my poor hands can hardly grip anything anymore, and I'll have to watch today to see if that fixed it.

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