Sunday, January 20, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Friday morning we left LaSal before 5:00am headed for Bloomfield. We had the Beer Runner (Al's 93 ford Ranger) loaded on the trailer pulling it with my totally awesome 06 Toyota Tacoma. It's about a 3 1/2 hour trip depending on how many pit stops I need. We had to get to Bloomfield early before the gentleman rancher from Cortez showed up to get the baler and hay rake and also before some folks from Durango who were buying the small ore bucket.

Last Sunday when we left Bloomfield headed back for LaSal we double checked each other: faucet in kitchen and back bath dripping...check; washing machine faucets off.....check; water heater turned to "vacation"....check; furnace set on 60 deg.....check. So.......what do we find when we arrive back at the house??????? TOTAL FREEZE UP! The furnace is OFF, there are huge icicles hanging from the faucets that had been left dripping, the water in the toilets is solid, the sewer drains are froze solid, it is below zero in and out of the house.....Ya' get the picture? And who, you ask, is responsible for this disaster???? Why, the people who inspected it for the potential buyers last Monday after we left! It took all day to get the temp back up in the house and the water and sewer lines unfrozen. We were NOT Happy Campers! Luckily nothing broke or sprung a leak The biggest "uh oh" was one piece of vinyl tile in the bathroom that blistered when Al dropped the heat gun on it. Did I mention we were NOT Happy Campers? Fortunately I have a couple tiles and adhesive left from my bathroom remodel job so I can replace the damaged piece. Just another addition to my "to do list."

In the middle of all this fun Al started for town to fuel up the BeerRunner. He got about a mile down the road when the timing chain broke and had a very cold hike back to the house because his cell phone was left at the "Retirement Home" in LaSal for reasons known only to him. we loaded into the awesome Toyota with a tow chain and I dragged the BeerRunner back to the house. It needs to be fixed so I have something to drive this week when Al takes the Toyota back to LaSal. If it had to break down I'm just glad it did it here where there are 2 auto parts stores handy.

Saturday Al's granddaughter Mandi came over with great grandson Isaac to get some things we had set aside for her and go through some other stuff before next weeks moving sale. Unfortunately Isaac, who is all of 4 months old, is teething already and was very fussy so she had to cut her visit short. Then my son, Bryon, showed up from Pagosa Springs with his wife Tina and her daughter Jessica. They carted off lots of stuff and will be back next Saturday for some more and to help with the moving sale.

To be continued.......

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