Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, considering I sorted through everything in the house, packed the "short list" of stuff to keep, held a huge moving sale and made countless trips to the dump and local charity second hand store...................all in my sleep last night.......I am exhausted!

Our counter offer was accepted and it looks like the buyers financing is going to go through so I need to put myself in overdrive. Closing is Feb 14, aka Valentines Day. Twenty or even ten years ago that would not have been a problem, that was before my knees, hands and back went. We had not done a whole lot towards getting rid of all the stuff because there was always the possibility that the house wouldn't sell in a reasonable time and we would have to move back there........we have been going backwards financially since Sept. when Al took this other job. Now we can go forward again heading towards our retirement dream.

Meanwhile, we have to go to Grand Junction today, Al's mom is having surgery on her legs.

So if my writing is sporadic for the next month, I apologize. Anyone want to come to beautiful Bloomfield, NM to help? Pay would be all the "stuff"you can carry off!


poweredbytheholyghost said...

Hi guys from Bloomfield NM. We are from Farmington. Just arrived in Casa Grande Az this week. So happy to hear of your house selling. WE did it a little over a year ago in Farmington.
Best wishes
Al and Terri Viscardi

Kris and Al Sagrillo said...

Al and Terri, Good to hear from you, sure wish we were in AZ right now. Just got back from Grand Junction to find the "retirement home" is out of propane and the realtor called to say the house in NM is also out and the water is frozen. When it rains, it pours. Enjoy and maybe we will meet one day on the road!

JimBobBoy said...

Great news on your house deal- Now the dream begins!! We're two weeks out from heading out again.
Good luck on your temporary solution!!!

JimBob, Miss Bette and Buster