Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What A Great Start For 2008

We received an email yesterday from our realtor, Shannon, with GREAT NEWS! We have an offer on our house in NM! The offer is quite close to what we are asking (after a price reduction of $14,000) so it would seem that all we need to do is a counter offer (there were a couple things we didn't agree to) and then hope and pray the buyers loan app goes through!

I am already having nightmares, we left the house with some stuff packed up, most not, a lot shoved into the garage after 2 yard sales. The problem then and now is that we aren't exactly sure what path we want to take from here. Do we purchase another house or buy an acre or so of property and continue living in the "retirement home" for 2 more years until Al retires? There aren't any restrictions here in La Sal that would prohibit us from putting up a garage, digging a well, putting in a septic system, hooking up to electric and living in our RV. Which is probably what we are going to do. Al wants/needs his garage. It is driving him nuts that he doesn't have access to his tools and fix-it stuff here when something needs to be fixed. He also likes to tinker and restore vintage cars.
This '65 Ford Falcon Ranchero is almost done.

With a nice heated garage/workshop I could put our washer/drier and upright freezer in there. Also maybe Al would let me have a small section for my projects. Yes, I think that is the way to go. Now to get busy and research some costs. I'm ready for this!

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JimBobBoy said...

Good luck on your offer- hope it goes through! We've had friends in your same situation- one opted to follow your thought as a "fall back" to full timing- They bought a 30 x 60 garage, installed a shop for all of his equipment, a full stained glass shop for them, and a full inside hookup for the RV so in can be garaged, with a septic outside for dumping. They have a country setting, with no code restrictions. Best of both worlds!
We have a Seneca also, and have enjoyed your album of changes, when we finish ours, we'll post them in our blog:

Have a terrific new year!