Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowy Wednesday

Last Friday when we got back from Grand Junction where Al's mom had surgery, we discovered our big propane tank was empty and we had left the smaller one in Moab when we deep fried the Christmas turkey. While we were debating what to do our realtor called. Another realtor had gone to show the house in Bloomfield and found the propane there had run out and the water was frozen. AARRRGH! So Al drove back to Moab to retrieve the small tank and the next morning we headed out at 4:30 am for Bloomfield. We located our propane company, they had moved, and bribed a driver $100 to bring some propane out to the house. thank heavens the weather had warmed up and the pipes thawed out by themselves without breaking. There were no longer things ice skating in the toilets. We spent the rest of the weekend making piles of stuff: yard sale, trash, kids, charity. We didn't even make a dent.

When we left out of there last September we hadn't decided whether we were going to buy a house in UT/CO, continue living in the motorhome, just buy some land here, or (worst case) have to go back to NM if the house didn't sell. The end result of this confusion was that the garage is packed with stuff left over after 2 garage sales, some stuff is packed, and the majority is still where it was when we lived there. A lot to deal with in the next few weeks before closing.

And here I sit in LaSal watching the snow come down. Guess I'll defrost the fridge and hope the moving fairy takes care of everything at the house.

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Sandra said...

Call an auction house or estate sale place to come and get the stuff and auction it off. We had 2 garage sales and the rest went to auction. Much easier!