Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Bug That Joined Us For New Year's Eve

Al brought the bug home from work early Monday afternoon. You know the bug, the one where you don't know whether to sit on the potty or lean over it....... Not that we had any plans for New Year's Eve anyway, midnight is way past our bedtime. However we could have gone to the community center here for First Night activities sponsored by the LDS Church if we had been so inclined. Or at least stayed awake until 10:00 mountain time to watch the ball drop on Times Square. But no, because of the bug we got to play Musical Sleeping Places!

Normally I have no problem falling asleep on the couch...sometimes I even have an extra blanket.

So that was the logical place for me to sleep. Al was hot/cold/hot/cold and taking up the whole queen size bed, either with all the blankets or none at all. He said the slightest movement made him nauseous. No way was I going to sleep with him! (Great way to start the New Year, sperate sleeping arrangements) So it was the couch for me.

This is where we ran into problems. Where were Kate and Zorro going to sleep?

If I was going to take the couch, they would have to fight over Al's recliner which is only big enough for one. Did you know that Border Collies have been rated as the most intelligent dog breed? I don't know if it is true but ours are certainly very smart. They came up with the game of Musical Sleeping Places. The rules were to distract the one who was on the recliner so he/she would get off. The best way to do this was for the distractor to stick a cold nose in my face and beg for pets. The distractee would not want to be left out of pets and would vacate the recliner which the distractor would immediately occupy. At one point Kate even tried to get Dad to play thinking she could get rid of me and have her couch back. Not a good idea.

That is how I happened to be playing Spider on the computer at midnight.

Al is up and feeling better this morning but we probably won't be going to the Community Breakfast.


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