Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Made It Snow

Hey, Mother Nature? I'm sorry if I pissed you off yesterday by complaining about the really wasn't so bad....and it was melting.....probably would have been OK to have the big MOVING SALE tomorrow.....SO CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE IT STOP????? We don't need any more right now. You, dear lady, have a warped sense of humor!

Many years ago, like around 1954, my sister Barb, cousin Doreen, and I each got dolls for Christmas. Somewhere I have a picture of the three of us holding our new dolls in front of the Christmas tree at Grandma Asher's home in Clarksville, Iowa. I thought my doll was kind of neat because she had red hair exactly the same color as mine and she had high heels.Now I was never much into playing with dolls, Cowboys and Indians was more my style, so my doll never saw much use. But for some reason I have kept her and toted her all over the country in various moves. At one time I took her to a doll show to have her appraised. The snooty lady told me she was a Horsman and not worth much. Alrighty then, back in the box and up on the closet shelf for many more years. So yesterday I employed the magic of internet and eBay to do some more research. Guess what?! She didn't have "Horsman" stamped on the back of her neck but something that looked like "Alexander". I discovered that she is a Cissy doll made by Madame Alexander and worth mucho $$$$!
I know she only has one glove on, I tried to put the other one on her but it is too fragile and I didn't want to damage it.

She still has 2 pairs of original strappy heels which I see are going for around $50, and I believe her slip is original.

I wonder what happened to her "diamond" ring?The rest of her clothes were made by my mother, even her sexy red bra! I think Mom had more fun with my doll than I did!

I wonder where these panties came from?And to think I was going to sell her at the MOVING SALE for $20.00!!!

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