Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Wait Begins

Our counter offer has been presented. Now we have to wait, I don't wait well.

Speaking of waiting, uploading pictures using my sometimes on/sometimes off cell connection can be a real education in patience! So, since I am waiting for the phone to ring, I might as well wait for some pictures to upload.

This is one of the bald eagles that live in the trees about a block away from us
This was a common sight sight a when we first settled in the RV park. Cows are noisy when they are being herded.

This is a "black diamond" section of the Hook and Ladder/Cameo Hills ATV trail. Al didn't even ask me if I wanted to try it, he just got off his machine and started climbing back up to take mine down while I stood at the top with my knees knocking together and my heart racing.The beautiful LaSal Mountains as seen from the west

and from the south

And a full moon rising


Froggi Donna said...

Hope the offer comes through for you guys! Great photos....

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly - guess I missed some of your blog, but I do love it. Guess I just heard most of the news but way better to hear your voice Kris. Take care and good luck with the house. Love ya, Barb