Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Plans Are Made To Be............

glug, slosh bang, swish.......hear that? That's me trying to keep moving forward and my head above all these plans made in Jello! We now have a back up offer on our NM house....yippeee! when it rains.....or is that "snows" in our case? We have also decided that we don't want to try to live in the "retirement home" for 2 more winters, just too hard on it with temps in the single digits all the time. So we revised our plans from looking for an acre of land to park it on to looking for a house.

Yesterday we ventured to Nucla, CO to look at a "fixer upper" priced at $40,000. Oh my....it was way beyond any hope of "fixing", the realtor even suggested a bonfire! After taking Al back out to where he works in Bedrock (home of the Flintstones) I drove back to Naturita to pay a visit to Lynda, the realtor we have been working with on the Colorado side. We had looked at a place in Paradox last fall that I fell in love with but Al saw as needing too much work, the house is as old as we are but not all that bad. So we made an offer on it. Do you have any idea how much paper is involved in offers, counter offers, contingencies, addendums........When this is over we will have enough paper for a great campfire!

Last weekend we went back to NM again, I had placed an ad in the American Classifieds for our farm equipment and one in the Durango Herald for a couple ore buckets. The phone had started ringing Thursday evening as soon as the farm ads came out, seems everyone is looking for a small hay baler. When we got to the house it was colder inside than a meat locker! Someone thought he was turning the thermostat down when we left the previous weekend but instead turned it all the way off. Brrrr! Good thing we had left the water dripping in the kithcen and bathroom sinks. Soon a couple rancher in a pickup and a gentleman rancher in a Caddilac showed up to look at the baler. We didn't know if we were going to have a bidding war or a good old knock down drag out! The gentleman rancher prevailed and bought not only the baler but also the rake and side sickle. Sometime after dark a young couple showed up to look at the ore buckets (I did say it was after dark, right?) They ended up taking the big one. Meanwhile I was busy unpacking some of the boxes that I had packed last fall.......remember, at this point we didn't know for sure if we were going to buy a house or downsize all the way to the "retirement home." This is the Jello Factor at it's best.

This weekend we will go back there, hopefully the homeowner in Paradox will have accepted our offer, and I can start all over again with a little better sense of direction.

The only downside of the Paradox house is that Alltel doesn't work there. My phone shows bars when you flip it on but immediately disappear with the message "no service available". It seems Sprint does not share their tower with Alltel. I really really do NOT want to switch to Sprint, their service does not work most other places here in the Wild West. We just signed 2 year contracts for 2 cell phones and an aircard, it's going to cost a fortune to cancel and get a service that works in the valley. Guess that is one of those bridges to cross when we come to it, huh?

OK, time for breakfast and phone calls, emails to the NM and CO realtors.

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