Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Didn't Know Whether To Cry, Get Drunk, or Throw Up

Yesterday morning Al left to go back to LaSal driving the Totally Awesome Toyota and hauling his restored tractor and brush hog. I tried to make him promise to stay on the hiway and not take the shortcut down Three Step and Lisbon Valley Road (gravel, snowpacked, steep, etc) but he wouldn't commit. So I got to worry until he called to tell me he made it OK.

Turns out we both should have been worrying about something far worse.......the gal who was supposed to be watching the "Retirement Home" for us and opening the grey water valve everyday hadn't done it! Al reported that the inside is flooded and there is a giant ice skating rink surrounding the RV. We had left the water dripping so the lines wouldn't freeze and burst, no big deal , you just have to go out and open the grey water valve and drain it every day. Why the park manager or no one else didn't call us I don't have a clue! They had to have seen all the water coming from the rig. Al hadn't talked to anyone before he called me so I don't know what the answer is. But I have an idea.......I think they are all idiots due to inbreeding!!!!

On the good side, our realtor for the Bloomfield house called, apologized for the inspectors who turned the heat off, and said everything was on schedule and we had passed the pest and septic inspections. Now it is just an appraisal and up to the lender to determine whether they think the house is worth loaning that much money for.

A mortgage rep from Wells Fargo called (I had filled out the loan request online) and after talking for a bit he thought it best that we finish with a local agent due to short closing time and a couple structural issues with the house we want to buy. (Don't all old houses come with asbestos shake shingles?heehee) So everything is being transferred to the bank in Montrose and I will talk more with her today. I really don't want to have to get a "renovation" loan, too much paperwork and BS. Did you know the loan rates are down to 5% right now? WOW!

I am making slow but steady progress on packing and setting up the moving sale. Why do we always end up having moving sales in the snow?

The picture on the left was when we moved from Silverton CO in 2000. If I remember correctly, the month was JUNE! The pic on the right is our garage as it looked a couple days ago before I REALLY started stacking stuff for sale in there.

Well, chin up, take some pain meds, put Icy/Hot patches on my knees, and get on with it!

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